+++ IBM-Via Voice Spracherkennung +++
IBM-Via Voice 8.0 - Spracherkennung
ViaVoice for Windows 98/2000/XP als eine professionelle Lösung für Spracheingabe mit einer Entwicklungzeit und Know How von über 4 Jahrzehnten. Inkludiert ist ein Geräusch-Filter-Headset-Microphon speziell designed für die Spracherkennung am PC..

Die neuen Merkmale des Spracherkennungs-Software:

  • Dictate, edit and format text in ViaVoice SpeakPad, and popular applications such as Microsoft Word 97, 2000 and 2002.
    (Upgrade to Windows XP available)

  • Say basic Voice Commands to control the Web in Internet Explorer.*

  • Standard Edition can learn new words as you use them and add them to your vocabulary, improving dictation accuracy as you use the product.

  • Natural dictation of numbers, dates, times, measures and prices.

  • With the Text to Speech feature, ViaVoice can read back both your typed and dictated text, which can make editing your documents easier.

  • An improved Analyze My Documents feature can allow ViaVoice to understand your writing style and words you frequently use, which can lead to greater accuracy.

  • What Can I Say is a pop-up menu which tells you the correction and formatting commands available during dictation.

  • Increase and customize your vocabulary through Vocabulary Manager.

  • Key Control which can ensure your voice commands are not mistaken for dictation.

  • Large Font option which can make creating a Personal Voice model more enjoyable.

  • Quick Response Dictation which can allow ViaVoice to respond quickly and efficiently as you create text with your voice.

      * Requires internet or intranet access, which must be obtained 

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